The collections are typically defined by the etchings on the rings
and bracelets.

The CHANDELIER collection has etchings from the graphic expression
of the signature Claire de Lune Chandelier.

The CHOCOLATEY collection is defined by the etchings created from a
specially designed tapestry of symbols of Ghana.
The Ghanaian symbols used: Adaptibility, commitment and perseverance, wisdom,
creativity and completeness of life, humility, and strength, importance
of learning frm the past, hardiness, toughness and perserverance,
beauty and cleanlininess, desirable feminine qualities, supremacy of
god, bravery and valor, providence and divinity of Mother Earth, power of love.

- is about just that. Inspirational symbols that
give us hope, and inspire the celebration of life. Keys and locks, Ankh, OM.
locks that represent problems which are solved by the keys. Keys are said to unlock
doors to health, wealth, and love and here are used to represent solutions.
It is also said that ancient Greeks used keys to symbolize paths to knowledge and life.
And two pieces just for fun, and things that provoke a smile - cupcake,
and birdcage

collection - named after a famous pirate port in Jamaica -
is a mini collection of neck pieces, with a naughtyCal flavor, -
5 items representing direction/purpose, the help to find that direction, permanence
and stick-to-it represented by the anchor, a bald pirate with bird, and a coffe pot
(to help wash is all down).

DIAMOND collection -exquisite rough-cuts reminiscent of Diamonds, thus inspiring
the name of this collection. Shapes resembling roughly- hewn gems with geometric,
asymmetrical "facets.

STEPPIN' OUT is the latest collection. Pieces celebrating life, the coming of spring, leaving
our dark cave-like existence and stepping out into the light, into life. Time to don your heels,
accessories, get out and enjoy life - out. Anyone remember The Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses?
Get your flirt game on with this triple piece CTM

LUCKY DOZEN (2012) celebrates theChinese year of the Dragon, and other lucky symbols, like
horses, horse-shoes, and the 50th year of Jamaican independence.

STARS AND STRIPES (2103) collection sees stars appearing on almost all pieces, along with stripes
of our new leather wrap bracelet - 15 glorious stripes on your wrist when you wrap. Also the appearance
of chevrons, singly, doubly, triply ,borrowing military references. Many pieces have been done in coconut