The CLAIRELY jewellery line was launched in May 2008 in NY, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair,  and then later in Chicago, USA,  March 2009. 

Claire Requa, designer and creative force behind ACCENT which produces mainly lighting products, mirrors and other interior accessories, and has now expanded her product line to include a funky collection of jewellery also made from acrylic which she calls CLAIRELY
Necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made primarily of transparent acrylic, mirror acrylic; and some few pieces in transparent colors as limited edition pieces. 

Inspiration for this line of jewellery came from a deep, long-time, personal commitment to the environment regarding the reduction/use of waste material.   Production of lamps is carefully and meticulously planned in conjunction with the line of jewellery ensuring that very little material/resource is wasted. 
Not only are these funky  light pieces ornamental, but act as colorful “light catchers" casting wonderful shadows on the skin of the wearer.
products are sold in over 19 countries worldwide.  

The pieces are designed and produced in Denmark, with the designer having a close grip on the quality of the products to ensure they are of a high standard.

Also for men! see here

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Featured in 2012 at The National Gallery of  Denmark museum shop!!!